About Us


About Us

Sometimes change happens at a gradual pace. So slow that like the nyctinasty flowers, the petals close so slowly that you are most often unaware of the change that is happening right before your eyes. Looking at the flower hours later, the flower petals are closed. Like the arms of a mother comforting their infant. You see the change, but the process of the change took time.

At other times, the change comes as quick as the blink of an eye, a quick jump where the change happens so quickly, it may be difficult to track. With our health and bodies, this can be a tremendous shock not only to the body but to our emotional and psychological well-being as well. The effects ripple unto others in our lives.

Aging Changes offers resources, and guidance in a supportive environment for all who wish. We want to be your Aging Changes Resource Specialists.

We are here to guide you through Aging Changes. To set up a free 30-minute consultation, call 415-302-8494 or email us at info@agingchanges.org.

Commonly Asked Questions

I do not have the time to spend looking for a place for mom. Can you help with this?
Yes, we can help you and even travel if that is needed.

My mother is in a nursing home in Arizona and we live in Pennsylvania, how do we know she is taking care of and safe?
We would check in with your mother in person and with staff as requested.

We are going to be on an extended trip, and we would feel better if we had someone checking in with my dad by phone each day?
Yes, we can help you with that also.

I am not happy with the place where mom lives. Can you help us find another place?
We would be glad to assist.

We have such a busy schedule and do not get the time to check in with our parents, could you do daily check-in calls?

Aging Changes Founder, Julie Christine


As the founder of Aging Changes. It is my passion to be there for individuals and families as they go through the Changes of Aging.

Working with people as I do, I assist them in adjusting to life-changing or age-related events. Whether these changes are here for just a short while or long-term, I am there for my clients. This time of life can be so difficult, but it can also be so beautiful. I offer my services as a Senior Consultant to guide you along the way. There will times that you need my services more frequently than other times. The important thing to remember we are there for you.

As a Professional Aging Consultant, I offer consulting and counseling services resources, advocacy, and other assistance to aging adults and their families navigating the challenges of the aging process.

It is not just about taking a day at a time. It is also about all the special moments as we go through Aging Changes.